Something To Think About Today


The Homeless

By Jessica Scott


North winds blow winter’s chill across a bleak and dreary landscape.

Trees bereft of leaves bear small resemblance to their grand summer counterparts,

looking more like stick figure apparitions with moaning countenances.

Still, I love the cold and otherworldly beauty in the seeming death of nature.

There’s hope hidden in every hibernating leaf bud, the promise of spring

in evergreen bushes.


As I gaze through frost-painted windows, warm in my nest with

a cup of tea at hand, I watch the small brown birds that live in

the holly on the other side of the glass pane huddle together

and I wonder why I never stopped to think of their discomfort.

A simple shelter lined with wool, birdseed to ease their hunger,

something to keep the chill out of their bodies, and hearts.


But it isn’t too late to make a difference for them, and so I begin

pulling out materials to get them through the winter,

my homeless birds that aren’t so homeless after all.