Sad Songs Say So Much…

Day 4 for National Poetry Writing Month begins with sadness. Today we are prompted to write a sad poem in a simple way. At first I wrote a tanka but then quickly realized it was simply my way of working through something else and I decided it was more therapy writing than substance writing. Instead, I have for you a poem about sadness… in a way. This poem has more to do with trying to hide your sadness, then failing because the emotion is too great to hold back.



By Jessica Kay


I hold back

The evidence that would betray me,

For it will bear witness to the truth

Of what’s been done.


And even though, perhaps,

The truth might make me stronger,

These fact-bearers would also show the cracks

And scars I carry

hidden away in darkness,

and the things I cannot say,

those agonizing thoughts,

become palpable

and then must needs be dealt with.


And I am not ready.


So I fight back the attestants,

Those warm, wet, and salty testifiers,

That would willingly tell my story

The moment they fell from my eyes.


*Featured Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay, words by Jessica Kay