Open-Ended Question…

Is it just me or does this week seem oddly busy for the first week of April? Once again, I got caught up in everything going on in my day and I lost track of time until it was late and I needed sleep. So, I’m posting Day 2’s poem on Day 3. As far as I am aware I have nothing else going on today so Day 3’s NaPoWriMo poem should be posted on *trumpets blast* Day 3. Just don’t hold me to that statement because you know the universe loves to make liars of us all, the best intentions and all that.

Day 2’s prompt was to write a poem with an open-ended question. I am re-posting a poem I wrote last year because it is exactly that kind of poem. The inspiration for the poem was/is something that happened (s) all the time to me. When people do something to try and get a certain response from me, I almost rarely react the way they want or expect me to. I’m not a practical jokes kind of person so if you play one on me I guarantee I will not respond well. I don’t find certain kinds of comments funny (especially when I know that they are not meant to be funny; the kind of comments made to disguise one’s true intent when that intent is supposed to be the joke). So when I don’t respond by laughing or if I don’t react in kind to one’s suggested intent then inevitably an argument arises.

And I used to think it was a personal defect in myself. I know better now.

So here’s my previously written poem for Day 2. Enjoy!




By Jessica Kay


He does it, he says, to get a rise out of me.

Then, when I don’t react the way he wants me to,

He says my response is inappropriate.


All because I don’t find it funny,

His constant criticism

Or the one-sided verbal sparring

Where he must always prove himself superior;


Those arguments where,

No matter what I say,

The words become knife twists

On his tongue,


And he’s the only one finding humor

In the stressful situation

He’s created.


And I wonder, after I’ve managed to

Numb the pain once again,

If he thinks I’m so inferior,

Why is he always trying to be right?



*Photo by James Pond on Unsplash,