New Year, New Outlook

Hi everyone!

It’s a brand new year and I hope all of you had a great holiday, a happy end-of-year, and a pretty good incoming year so far. Mine has been fairly decent so far, excluding the flu I caught mid-month. I’m still getting over it and thankful that I did get the flu shot because my symptoms were milder by far than they would have been had I not gotten the vaccine. The only symptoms I’m working on getting over now is simply sinus related issues, and since I’m on thyroid medication for an overactive thyroid (classic over-achiever, that’s me) it means it’s going to take me a little longer. Other than that I am doing pretty well.

As you can see I have updated the blog with a new look. My web-hosting server has issues with WordPress updates as well as Jetpack so I am having to learn to go through back doors in the system to get the updates and apply them. Unfortunately, my last theme didn’t like the new Gutenberg update and so I had to change my blog theme. Hopefully, it looks as fresh and crisp and clean as I think it does. Let me know in the comments if you have any problems.

Overall there hasn’t been too many things going on in my little corner of the world. Life is going on pretty much as usual. The only interesting thing of any note is that I have a new (ish) vehicle. My family had to go down one vehicle a few years ago, which left us with an older SUV. It was a luxury SUV we bought at an auction and it was in pretty good shape back in 2011 when we bought it. Unfortunately, the last few years it began having more problems than we could afford to fix. When the radiator went out last summer and we had to have it replaced we knew it was on it’s last legs. And sure enough in November we had to say goodbye to it. Now we have another SUV of the same brand and model and it’s in better condition than even the other was when we bought it. It was yet another great deal, this time at a local used dealership we’ve heard great things about. The last SUV was with us for 13 years and it was 6 years old when we bought it. The new vehicle is also 6 years old and hopefully will be with us for that long if not longer. And, if all goes as planned, we’ll probably be looking at getting a second vehicle this spring/summer that will go to my second eldest kiddo who graduated high school last June.

With the new (ish) car and the new year I began to feel as if I needed to get myself back on track with my goals. At the time a friend of mine posted a fact meme on Facebook that said that you can rewire your brain to be happy by recalling 3 things you are grateful for every day for 21 days. I commented on it and that’s when we decided to try it as an experiment. So, at the beginning of the new year I started a Gratefulness/Thankfulness journal. I write down 3 things every day that I am grateful for or that makes me happy. It’s officially been 30 days and while I don’t feel especially happy or happier, I do feel a shift in my outlook. I feel more positive most days and am not as anxious as I could be. Much of it is still related to my thyroid and a possible new health issue (nothing serious, just age-related) but everything seems more manageable now. Certain areas of my life that I couldn’t see past are now opening up and I’m able to see new paths and new directions I can take. It’s small, mind you, but it’s there. So, I will be continuing this type of journaling and see where it takes me.

And now, finally, I plan to get back to writing with the beginning of February. Hopefully you will see more updates here as I begin again the process of moving forward with my publishing hopes. It’s time, and I’m tired of wasting it by making excuses. So let’s move forward together, shall we?

I hope you’re ready because this could be a bit of a bumpy ride, but I’m aiming for as smooth of a road as possible. Hang on, folks, because here we go!

Love, Jesi

P.S. A new year should start out with a new poem. Here’s one that I actually wrote in October so it’s old for me but new to you! In honor of those suffering from the cold temps today!

Winter’s Shades

By Jessica Kay

Walk with me through winter’s woods,

Trees bare of spring and summer fashions,

For it’s easy to walk alone while the sun’s heat

Floods the air

And roses bloom in profusion.

It’s only when the trees disrobe

And the roses undress,

Their thorny nakedness

And broken veins exposed,

That winter’s beauty

Can cover them in sparkling jewels.

And if not for the biting cold

We would not cling together

For warmth

Or look to another for comfort

When the darkness sets in.