In Which I Write About Food…

For me, the only thing worse than thinking about food is writing about it. I’m not a foodie. Half the time I wish I didn’t have to bother with eating. What do I want to eat? What will my kids want to eat? How should we be eating? There are times when I seriously despise food. Yes, I am one of those “fortunate” people who stereotypically doesn’t have a problem with food. I don’t have food addictions. I used to be able to eat anything I wanted anytime I wanted. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have food issues. For me, eating has always been an issue because unless I’m hungry I don’t feel like eating, and I’m not hungry all that often. Except when I skip meals or when I have a low blood sugar attack. I’m not an emotional eater but I have the same problem most people do…carbs. I love carbs. Chips, crackers, pasta, bread. If it’s Italian pasta, I’m all over it, and I LOVE sandwiches. Hamburgers are my favorite food.

Today, though, the biggest issue I’m finding is how to eat “healthy”. Growing up we all knew chocolate was bad for you. Now, nutritionists are telling us that it’s milk chocolate that’s bad for us because of all the sugar. We can eat dark chocolate because it’s actually good for your heart. In fact, if you go to the store you’ll notice most of the dark chocolate packaging has a percentage listed on it like 60% cacao. The higher the percentage the better. And wasn’t it just recently that a new study came out that said  that having a cup of coffee a day is good for you?

There are too many new rules to follow and eating “right” is confusing. No carbs, low carbs, gluten-free, raw food dieting, sugar cleanses…is it any wonder that I still wish I didn’t have to be bothered with eating? So, I’ve done something about it. I eat when I feel hungry and I try to stick to what I was taught in elementary school about balanced diets. Remember the food pyramid?food-pyramid-8_blog_main_horizontal

I try to stick to it’s suggestions. And believe it or not, I feel happier than when I worry about calories or whether or not I should or shouldn’t have wine or what type of chocolate I should eat. I also try to control my portion sizes because that’s where temptation really hits. I do my best to NOT clean my plate. I eat only until my hunger is sated, not until I feel full. It’s hard because we’re so programmed to fill ourselves up that we don’t realize we may be doing more harm than good. Then we wonder why we can’t lose weight or why we have trouble keeping the weight off.

Now why am I writing about food? Because NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month for you newbies) Day 5 poetry prompt was to write about food. Le Really Big Sigh. Fine. I did it. I wasn’t happy about it, but I did it. It’s not my best and I’m not crazy about it and will probably forget about it once it’s posted. But I wrote it.

What’s your food issue?

xo Jesi


Rule Book for Dieting

By Jesi Scott


-Don’t drink wine. Wine is bad for you-

No, only white wine; red wine is good for your heart.


-Don’t eat chocolate-

Don’t eat milk chocolate, it has sugar;

dark chocolate is good for your heart.


-Stay away from carbs-

Have all the carbs you want just make sure they’re “good” carbs; they’re good for your heart.


-And you need fiber

Which is in beans and grains,

But those are loaded with bad carbs and gluten so eat gluten free.


-Eat right and exercise and be healthy-

But if you wait, in five years, it will all be bad for you, except for water

Because water is good for you…


Except it’s contaminated and has to be purified.