How To Write A Poem On April Fool’s Day…

I missed posting my poem for Day One’s NaPoWriMo challenge. So, I’m posting it today. The prompt was to write a How-To poem. Here is my offering:


How to Write a Poem on April Fool’s Day

By Jessica Kay



Firstly, close your eyes and take some deep breaths,

then wait for the muse’s kiss.

If you peek, she might not show up.

But you never know. She might be one of those


freaky types who likes to do it with her eyes

wide open in the broad daylight in front of everyone,

the windows wide open and all the lights on. I get

one of those every now and again, my exhibitionist


muse running around inspiring everyone she touches

without a by-your-leave or how-do-you-do. Her flighty,

carefree caress leaves you breathless and wanting more,

a bite of succulent fruit from the fairies’ table, only…


you find out it was Hades’ practical joke and now you

are stuck in the Underworld with a three-headed dog,

a greedy boatman, and the God of the Dead, who looks

a little like that guy from the tv show Lucifer


so it could be worse,

although, that guy isn’t really my type so maybe

that’s why I’m having such a hard time thinking of something

to write.


When in doubt, always blame the devil.