Beginning To Play Catch Up

Yet another post for today in an attempt to try and play catch up with NaPoWriMo. So, this would be Day 7’s prompt which was to write a tritina. (Click the link for an explanation.) It’s fairly simple. There’s no rhyme scheme or syllable length, which makes it seem easy to write, but it’s seeming simplicity is what makes it appear difficult. Truly, the only difficulty I had was in putting the sentences together to tell the story I see in my head.

And now, I’m off to begin my day which is going to be ridiculously busy.

Happy Friday everyone!

xo Jesi


Hospital Waiting Rooms

By Jesi Scott


They promised there would be no tears

as she was rolled away beyond the doors,

a hopeful smile tremulous on her face.


If only now he could touch her face

where once he wiped away her tears.

If only he could follow her beyond the doors.


He sits there now outside the doors;

witness the broken promise on his face;

the salt tracks of evidence left by his tears


stain her face beyond the doors, though, she shed no tears.